Annual Report and/or Franchise Tax – Delaware LLC


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Preparing and filing an annual report can be a time consuming task for any Business owner. Missing due dates can result in large penalties and can risk your company’s good standing with the state.

Why should you be troubled with trying to remember the due dates and requirements for each state? American Incorporators Ltd can help with our Compliance Package.

  • Comprehensive compliance monitoring and alerts
  • Annual report preparation and filing*
  • Guaranteed same day filing!
  • Electronic Copy of your annual report
  • Mailed copy of annual report
  • Our team of knowledgeable incorporation specialists will monitor your annual requirements and notify you when the payment is due. We will send a minimum of 3 email reminders prior to the due date. We will personally call you if we have not received your payment by our due date.

*We will file your annual report with the information we have on file unless you notify us of any changes.

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