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  • Extra charge for postal and handling documents and package.


The way people work is changing. Not everyone needs a permanent office all of the time. With a Virtual Office at OGC Associates, your business can be permanently based at our building even though you’re not. Our team and technology will ensure that your calls and mail are handled in the way that you’d like so that you are always connected no matter where you are working from. You can also drop in to utilize one of our several day offices, meeting rooms or training rooms.


We handle your mail and either hold it for you to collect or forward it on to you wherever you are. If you need somewhere to open your mail we have a fantastic lounge that offers Wireless, tea, and coffee at your disposal.


Work from one of our day offices, meeting rooms or just drop in to grab your mail. With our wireless internet and comfortable atmosphere, make yourself right at home.

Call Handling

We’ll provide your business with a dedicated phone number. Calls are either forwarded seamlessly to a number of your choice or diverted to a voice mail box for you to pick up at your convenience. If you’d like, we can answer your calls professionally in your company name before we put them through to you.

Meeting Rooms

We have a variety of different sized meeting rooms for you to use if you need to meet with clients, do a presentation, video conferencing, etc. We also have a large training room available for anyone that needs to hold training sessions, classes or do presentations.

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Terms and Conditions


  1. NATURE OF THE AGREEMENT:  This Agreement is the commercial equivalent of an agreement for accommodation in a hotel. The whole of the center remains our property and in our possession and control. You acknowledge that your Agreement creates no tenancy interest, leasehold estate or other real property interest in your favor with respect to the accommodation. We are giving you just the right to share with us the use of the center so that we can provide the services to you. The Agreement is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else. We may transfer the benefit of your Agreement and our obligations at any time.
  2. DURATION: This Agreement lasts for the period stated on the first page and will then automatically be renewed for successive periods for the same duration as to the initial term, until brought to an end by you or by us in accordance with these terms and conditions. All periods shall run to the last day of the month in which they would otherwise expire. The Monthly Charge for any renewal period will be at the greater of (a) current market prices, as determined by us in our good faith judgment, or (b) a 10% increase on the then current Monthly Charge. In all other respects, your Agreement will renew on the same terms and conditions.
  3. NON-RENEWAL: Either party can terminate this Agreement at the end date of the initial term stated on the first page, or at the end of any renewal period, by giving written notice to the other at least 30 days prior to such end date or end of the renewal period, as applicable.
  4. ENDING THE AGREEMENT IMMEDIATELY: We may put an end to your Agreement immediately by giving you notice if: (a) you become insolvent; go into liquidation or become unable to pay your debts as they fall due;  (b) you fail to pay any amounts hereunder on the date due and such failure continues for five days after notice thereof; (c) you fail to comply with any of the other terms or conditions of this Agreement and any such failure continues for ten days after notice from us; or (d) your conduct, or that of someone at the center with your permission or at your invitation, is incompatible with ordinary office use.   If we put an end to the Agreement for any of these reasons, it does not put an end to any outstanding obligations you may have and, in addition to any other obligations contained herein, you must:
  • Pay for additional service you have used;
  • Indemnify us against all costs and losses we incur as a result of the termination;
  • Forfeit your retainer on file.
  1. TERMINATION:  All telephone and facsimile numbers are our property and cannot be transferred to you at the expiration or termination of the Agreement.
  2. PAYMENTS: You agree to pay your invoice including all applicable sales or use taxes by the first day of each calendar month during the Agreement without any offset, demand or deduction.  If you fail to pay any sum due hereunder within five days after the due date, your account will be assessed a late fee of 10% of the total balance or $25, whichever is greater.
  3. RETAINER: Upon the execution of this Agreement, you will pay the first full month’s Monthly Charges, and the Retainer as outlined on the first page of this Agreement.  No interest will be paid on the Retainer.  If you fail to perform any of your obligations hereunder, we may apply your Retainer to the payment of any sums due or any costs, expenses or liabilities incurred by us. You agree to pay additional Retainers on any additional offices added after this initial Agreement. You agree to immediately replenish any portion of the Retainer applied or retained by us.  We may increase the amount of your Retainer if you are in arrears in the payment of invoices. At the end of the Agreement, if you have satisfied all of your obligations, we will refund your Retainer or any balance thereof within forty-five (45) days. However, you will forfeit your Retainer if you default under this Agreement. (See –Section 4)
    1. From time to time, upon your request to us, we may provide additional services that are not included within the Monthly Charge and the Optional Service Charges. The fee schedule for additional services is available upon request and may be updated at any time and from time to time without notice. You agree to pay all charges listed on the first page of this Agreement as well as any additional services rendered. We (and our designated vendors) are the only authorized service providers in the Center.  If you default under this Agreement, we may cease providing any services to you without resorting to legal process.
    2. Local basic monthly phone service are provided by us and a monthly fee will be charged.  You agree to pay us at published rates for local call charges and our rates for domestic long distance.  You also agree to pay us at published rates for any international calls.  If your average monthly long distance charges exceed one-third of your Retainer, your Retainer may be increased so as not to be less than three times such average.
    3. You are prohibited from using our telephone service for auto-dialing, continuous or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing (including without limitation, charitable or political solicitation or polling), fax or voicemail broadcasting, or fax or voicemail blasting. We reserve the right to immediately terminate or modify your service if we determine, in our sole and absolute discretion, that you have at any time used the service for any of the aforementioned or similar activities.
    4. All keys and entry cards remain our property and shall not be duplicated or transferred to third parties. The loss of keys or cards must immediately be reported to us. You will be invoiced for the cost of lost keys or cards as well as the cost of changing locks.
    1. You are responsible for ensuring that all of your systems have adequate protection against viruses through the application of Virus Scanning Software and Microsoft Windows Patch Updates. You are responsible for all corresponding charges relating to resulting infrastructure or network damage. At your request, we can provide an optional service to protect your computer.
    2. You agree not to establish any link between our network and any other network without our prior written consent.
    3. Upon termination or expiration of the Agreement, you will immediately cease to utilize documentation and/or software products that we provided you as part of the services and shall, at our request, either promptly destroy or return the materials.
    4. Our internet service provides sufficient bandwidth to facilitate general Internet traffic and use (128k), internet browsing, email access, and VPN access.
    5. All of our circuits are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure bandwidth allocation. We will monitor each circuit and address situations as they arise to maintain consistency. If you use excessive amounts of bandwidth or abuse the use of the shared network, you will be notified and internet service may be terminated or additional charges for high bandwidth usage will apply.
    6. Each circuit is capable of momentarily jumping up, or “bursting” to the next bandwidth segment for a nominal duration to allow for brief bandwidth intensity. Each tier is able to “Burst” when needed. However, since connectivity is shared among multiple subscribers, we are unable to offer a committed information rate.
    7. We reserve the right to disconnect your equipment or withhold services if it is considered that your hardware or software is, or has become, inappropriate for connection to the network. We also reserve the right to refuse reconnection to the service.
    8. You agree not to perform any illegal or inappropriate uses identified by our network administrator.
  6. RESTRICTION ON HIRING: Our employees are an essential part of our ability to deliver services. You agree that during the term of this Agreement and for the six (6) month period immediately thereafter, you and your principals, employees and affiliates will not hire any person who is at that time, or was during the Agreement period, an employee of ours. If you breach the foregoing, you agree that actual damages would be difficult to determine and accordingly, agree to pay liquidated damages in the amount of one-half of the final annual base salary we paid the employee, it being agreed that the actual damage we would sustain as a result thereof would be extremely difficult to determine.
  7. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: You acknowledge that neither us, Landlord nor any of our or their respective officers, directors, employees, shareholders, partners, members or agents (collectively, the “Parties”) shall be responsible for damages, direct or consequential, that may result from our failure for any reason (including without limitation, on account of force majeure) to furnish any service, including without limitation, occupancy of the office. Your sole remedy for any failure to render any service or any delay or interruption of any service is limited to an adjustment to your bill in an amount equal to the charge for such service for the period during which the failure, delay or interruption continues, except that there shall be no such adjustment if you are then in default hereunder or under the circumstances described in Section 1.A. WITH THE SOLE EXCEPTION OF THE REMEDY DESCRIBED ABOVE, YOU EXPRESSLY WAIVE ANY CLAIM FOR DAMAGES, DIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL OR PUNITIVE, ARISING OUT OF ANY FAILURE TO FURNISH ANY SERVICE OR ANY DELAY OR INTERRUPTION OF SERVICES.
    1. You are responsible for any damage you may cause to the Center or the office beyond normal wear and tear. Upon reasonable prior notice, which may be oral (except in the event of an emergency), we may at any time and from time to time (a) perform repairs and alterations in the office as we deem necessary, (b) show the office to prospective licensees, and (c) inspect the office.  In such event, we will use reasonable efforts not to disrupt your business, but we will not be liable to you for any damages, nor will this Agreement or your obligations be affected.
    2. Neither of us shall, to the extent permitted by law, be liable for any damage or claim with respect to any injury to person or damage to property in or about the Center or the Building, except to the extent it was caused by our gross negligence or willful misconduct. You assume all risk of loss with respect to our personal property and our agents, employees and invitees within the Center or the Building.
    3. To the extent that the party sustaining a loss by fire or other casualty to its property is compensated by insurance, we will each waive all rights of recovery against the other party and no third party shall have any right of recovery.
    4. If the center is made unusable in whole or in part by fire or other casualty or a condemnation affecting the center occurs, we may, at our option, either terminate this Agreement upon notice to you, or repair the Center. The Monthly Charges and the Optional Service Charges shall be abated on a per diem basis with respect to the portions of the office that are unusable, which will be your sole remedy.
    2. This Agreement is subject and subordinate to all of the terms of our lease with the Landlord (the “Lease”), as such Lease may be amended from time to time. This Agreement terminates, if not earlier, simultaneously with the expiration or sooner termination of our Lease for any reason. You do not have any rights under the lease (and all requests for building services shall be directed solely to us), although you will attorn to Landlord in such cases as may be required by the terms of the Lease or requested by us or the Landlord.
    3. You agree to comply with all rules, regulations and requirements of the building and with other rules and regulations established by us.
  10. INDEMNITY: To the fullest extent permitted by law, you indemnify and agree to hold the Parties harmless from and against any and all loss, cost, liability and expense, including attorneys’ fees and disbursements, arising from or alleged to arise from (a) any default by you hereunder, (b) the use or occupancy of an office by you or any person claiming under you, (c) any act or omission of you or your agents, employees, contractors or invitees or (d) any injury or death to any person or damage to property occurring during the term of this Agreement whether in the Building, the Center or the office, except to the extent such injury, death or property damage results solely from our gross negligence and indemnification is prohibited by law. The aforementioned indemnity and hold harmless shall apply whether the claim is between the Parties and you or a third party.  You agree to pay us, within ten (10) days following demand therefore, all losses, costs, liabilities and expenses referred to in this Section.
    1. If either of us places the enforcement of this Agreement or the collection of any sums payable hereunder, in the hands of an attorney, we will recover our attorneys’ fees, disbursements and court costs from you in connection with such matter, unless you obtain a money judgment against us.
    2. All formal notices must be in writing. Any notice (other than bills, which may be sent by hand delivery or by ordinary mail) shall be in writing and shall be given by (a) certified or registered mail, return receipt requested; (b) reputable overnight courier; or, (c) hand delivery (against confirmation of delivery), addressed to you and to us at the addresses stated on the first page of this Agreement. Such notice shall be deemed to have been given upon receipt or rejection of delivery.
    3. The provisions set forth under Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 shall survive any expiration or termination of this Agreement.
    4. You may not have any advertising of any type using the address of the Center without our prior written consent, which may be granted or denied in our sole and absolute discretion. Use of the address on Business Cards, Websites, and other standard business practices are acceptable without written consent.
    5. You agree to comply with all laws and other requirements regulating the conduct of your business. You agree to pay promptly (a) all sales, use, excise and any other taxes and license fees which you are required to pay to any governmental authority. We may assign this Agreement and you agree to any such assignee. Upon any such assignment, we will be discharged from all liability hereunder.
    6. If you default hereunder, we may, without waiving such default, remedy such default for the account and at your expense.
    7. You may not assign this Agreement without our prior written consent, which consent may be withheld in our sole discretion, and any such purported assignment without such consent shall be void. Subject to the foregoing, this Agreement shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns.
    8. We both agree that without the consent of the other, we will not, during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, disclose any of the terms of this Agreement unless such disclosure is required by law. This provision shall survive the termination hereof.
    9. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreement and embodies the entire agreement between both of us. There shall be no presumption of construction against the drafter of this Agreement.
    10. You hereby waive trial by jury in connection with any dispute arising out of this Agreement. You consent to the jurisdiction of any court sitting in the State in which this Center resides with respect to any action or proceeding brought therein by us against you concerning any matters arising out of this Agreement.

This Agreement may not be orally changed or terminated, nor any of its provisions waived, except by an agreement in writing signed by the party against whom enforcement of any change, termination or waiver is sought.   Our failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement or its acceptance of fees shall not be a waiver and shall not prevent us from enforcing any provision of this Agreement in the future.  No receipt of money by us will be deemed to waive any default on your part.  If you are more than one person or party, all parties shall be liable jointly and severally for all obligations arising hereunder.

You agree to comply with the following Center Rules and Regulations:

  • Noise levels shall be conducive to a professional environment and shall not interfere with or disturb other clients.
  • Neither you nor your employees, agents, representatives or invitees shall participate in any type of harassing or disruptive behavior, whether verbal or physical, in the center or within the building.
  • You and your guests shall conduct themselves in a businesslike manner.
  • Professional attire must be worn at all times.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in the halls, reception area or any other common area.
  • Common areas, including the conference rooms, kitchen & reception area, are for the use of all clients. You are required to leave these areas clean after each use.  You are responsible for your own dishes and disposal of garbage.
  • You are prohibited from conducting meetings in any common areas other than reserved conference rooms or day offices.
  • All corridors, halls, elevators and stairways shall not be obstructed by client or used for any purpose other than normal egress and ingress.
  • Plumbing, fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or deposited therein. Damage resulting to any fixtures or appliances from misuse by you or your agents, employees or invitees, shall be paid by you.
  • Movement in or out of the building of furniture, office equipment, bulky material, merchandise or materials which require use of elevators or stairways, or movement through the Building entrances or lobby, will be conducted under our supervision at such times and in such a manner as we may reasonably require. You are liable for all damages including the articles moved, our equipment & property, and injury to anyone engaged or not engaged in such movement, including our personnel.
  • Before leaving the office unattended, you will close and securely lock all doors and shut off all lights and other electrical apparatus. Any damage resulting from failure to do so will be paid by you.
  • No advertisement, identifying signs, personal items or artwork or other notices shall be inscribed, painted or affixed on any part of the corridors, doors, office windows, common areas or cubicles without our prior written approval.
  • You cannot prop open any corridor doors, exit doors or doors connecting corridors during or after business hours.
  • You cannot modify existing locks or install additional locks or bolts of any kind on any of the doors or windows of any offices or Center.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal property, money or jewelry from an office or public or common areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area is locked against entry or not.
  • You will not conduct any activity within the Center or Building, which in our sole judgment or the judgment of our Landlord, will create excessive traffic or is inappropriate to a shared office environment.
  • This is a non-smoking facility and smoking is prohibited everywhere within the Center.
  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.
  • Illegal firearms and weapons are prohibited.

We have no responsibility to you for the violation or non-performance by any other client of any of these Rules and Regulations or the Terms and Conditions, but shall use reasonable efforts to uniformly enforce all Rules and Regulations and Terms and Conditions.


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